Bella LeGray

Bella LeGray is a successful businesswoman with an MBA. She is also a talented artist and illustrator. She uses watercolor and pen in her work, and she is inspired by all things French. Her illustrations are simple and elegant, and they reflect the beauty of French culture. Bella creates scripture cards with the goal of providing a small piece of art alongside God’s words of hope, grace, truth, encouragement, peace, and trusted promises.


It is my prayer that you feel joy in the simplicity and complexity of my illustrated scripture cards. My designs have a measure of purposeful simplicity, but I think that’s what makes them seem so sweet. God’s word is like that for me. Simple and direct. Easily understood. And in their simplicity there is a vastness that is complex. But God’s promises are both clear and profound. God shows up on time, in time, every time. These Little Scripture Cards were just that for me. I pray they do that for you too.

Bella LéGray