Share Little Sweet Cards

The Story Behind The Little Scripture Cards

French-Inspired, Hand Painted and Cut
Stacked open books with inserted folded pages as page markers and several pencils inserted in the book binding.

This is how my Bible looked. Just trying to read was distracting. I was dreaming of something more. . .

My inspiration came from this . . . lots of open space, easy to read, clarity, and the addition of art. . . 

So I Got Busy With My Brushes And Bible
French-Inspired, Cozy Winter, Peace Series
The Backstory

I like to start my morning with a cup of coffee and read a Bible verse.

Nevertheless, most mornings are crazy the moment my feet hit the floor. Can you relate? And no matter how good my intentions were, I wasn’t consistly reading my daily Bible verse. Coupled with when reading, I had to work against a hodgepodge mess. I had a growing assortment of notes jotted on torn envelopes, colored ribbons, sticky tabs, and brass point markers—stuck in-between or on many pages. Sadly, I confess to Bible clutter!

My style is simple and elegant with a French twist, so clutter isn't the signature look I want. But here I was, embarrassing myself. I had to do better!

While looking at a torn-off card sentiment, I got an idea for my little scripture cards! My perfectly square cards took on a life of their own! All things French seem to work their way into my life. So it’s no surprise I used French watercolors to add a French-inspired illustration to each little card.  They’re big enough to read and small enough to tuck into a briefcase, planner, purse, insert into a desk photo holder, mail to a friend, give to a co-worker, and the list goes on . . . 

And there it was, my solution, voilà! No matter where I was, I had a selection of little cards with God's words of hope, grace, truth, encouragement, peace, and trusted promises.

I began sharing these little cards with family, friends, and even strangers who keenly peered over my shoulder. Now, I want to share my sweet scripture cards with you. I pray they bring you daily access to God’s word and provide you encouragement, joy, and peace.

All artwork and products are original and created by artist Bella LéGray. All artwork is held under copyright even after purchase.