French-Inspired Illustrated Scripture Cards & Tags

Bella LeGray designs illustrated scripture cards & tags that fit your needs. Upon occasion, we collaborate with our customers to create personalized cards and tags. If you’re interested in discussing your ideas, please contact us through email.


Little Sweet Somethings
Bella LeGray

I’ve always been drawn to what seems like little nothings, but in truth are sweet somethings.

The recipient of these Little Sweet Something cards is usually among those who prefer living by faith over mindlessness. They have a curiosity for life’s endless questions. Often, they seek how to live a fulfilling life rather than wandering without direction.

These things inspired me to create the Little Sweet Something paper products. I hope that God’s words on the scripture cards bring a smile and a warm, satisfying feeling—a sense of joy and encouragement.

These Little Sweet Somethings came about when I felt led to step away from my brand styling agency to create art. Hopefully, these original pieces of artwork provide a sense of charm, along with sincerity, devotion, and gratitude to everyday events.

With a favorite sketchbook in hand, I observe everyday things, making pencil sketches. Since I have an open space studio, you might find me sketching at the beach, along a mountain path, in a garden, or at a Farmer’s Market. Eventually, these sketches become a little piece of watercolor art used for scripture cards, milestone cards, and gift tags. It fills me with joy when creating hand-drawn watercolor illustrations. I hope you embrace and share their message too!

Sweet Little Papers

All artwork and products are original and created by artist Bella LéGray. All artwork is held under copyright even after purchase.